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Go from Expert to Author with this Step-by-Step Course
for Planning, Positioning and Writing Your Best Business Book

"I've just got so much more clarity over what I want to do and help to get it structured."

"I highly recommend it. It's a great workshop for understanding the power of marketing with a book."

The Book-writing Course for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an expert entrepreneur and want to raise your authority, attract qualified sales leads, convert more business and stake a claim to your intellectual property, you need to write and publish your book.

A book can grant you instant authority, credibility and value in your marketplace. Used properly, it can also become the most effective sales and marketing tool you've got for attracting new business, charging what you're worth and making an impact.

The good news is, it's now easier than ever to get your book published.

The bad news is, your competitors are already doing it and reaping the rewards, so you need to act now and start writing your own book.

In fact, being a published author is now seen as prerequisite for being an authority in your industry and if you don't or won't write and publish what you know, you face a very real risk of being left behind.

Not only that, but people are tired of being sold to or being given free "reports" that are nothing more than thinly veiled sales brochures.

Books are different.

A book is rightly seen as a highly valuable product in its own right. This gives you a huge opportunity to connect with your target market, make a difference and convince them you know your stuff.

If you know you need to write a book and want to do it fast and well, or, if you know your stuff but, don't yet know how to turn it into a book, this course is for you.

Everything You Need To Write Your Book

Based on our sell-out private workshops, this course will support you to:

  • Craft an attention-grabbing book title and subtitle - to get your ideas noticed
  • Plot a detailed structure and contents page for your book - to make your message clear and the writing easy
  • Devise a unique model and framework to protect your intellectual property and develop your brand
  • Write a powerful book pitch and synopsis to sell your book and your ideas
  • Develop and maintain a regular, rapid-results writing schedule to get the job done
  • Write a solid first draft that's ready for submission and publication
  • Know your publishing options and make the right choice for you and your business

"I would recommend it to anyone who is even thinking about writing a book."

"Gives a clearer picture of what you want to express and how to connect with your audience on a deeper, more profound level."

"It made it dead simple. If you want to learn how to write a book then this is the way to do it!"

"If someone's looking for a way to get a whole bunch of ideas and thinking down into written form this will be really, really useful."

Meet Your Writing Coaches

Lucy McCarraher is the author of 10 books and runs hybrid publisher Rethink Press. She has worked across many writing and publishing disciplines, including print and tv journalism, screen writing, fiction and non fiction. She works exclusively with KPI (Key Person of Influence) in the UK and Singapore as their Publish mentor, and has coached hundreds of people through the challenging task of writing a book. One of Lucy’s greatest strengths is enabling clients to write clearly, powerfully and quickly.

Joe Gregory is an author and publisher who started his first business, a marketing consultancy, at the age of 19. Since 2003 he has published almost 400 books by industry experts, coaches, trainers, consultants and business owners who understand the power of books to bring business. Combining his experience of marketing, writing and publishing, Joe’s greatest strength is in ensuring an author's book becomes a powerful promotional tool that raises their profile, fees and authority.

5 Good Reasons Why You Need to Write and Publish a Book

  • A professionally published book grants you instant authority and credibility
  • Writing a book enables you to clarify and protect your intellectual property
  • A book enables you to transform your intangible expertise into a tangible product your prospects can understand
  • Authors get more speaking bookings, more media coverage and more opportunities than non-authors
  • You will make more money from the new business a well-written book will bring you

What this course covers...

  • Devise a Winning Book Idea

    Transform your valuable knowledge and expertise into a viable, original and game-changing book concept that will raise your profile and ensure you stand out from the crowd. The first part of our proprietary AUTHOR Model™ ensures you have a world-class concept and winning book pitch.

  • Craft Your Book Blueprint

    Construct a clear plan for your book through creative mind mapping and more structured processes to come up with a robust table of contents and chapter-by-chapter templates. The second part of the AUTHOR Model™ ensures your book solves your reader’s problems, makes you look good and brings you more business.

  • Write Your Book Quickly and Easily

    Save time and make a big impact by learning to overcome writer’s block and developing an ability to consistently write powerful, clear and credibility-boosting content quickly and easily. Our aim is for your first draft to be written within 90 days which we achieve by following the WRITER Process™.

  • Protect Your Intellectual Property

    When you write a good book based on your skills, experience, knowledge and expertise, you are also safeguarding your intellectual property and staking a claim to your unique take on your industry. We will show you how to present your message in such a way that it’s original, memorable and valuable to your business.

  • Become a Thought Leader

    Too many books are me-too, run-of-the-mill, regurgitations of what’s already been said and done. However, there is an approach that will ensure your book packs a punch and gets people to sit up and take notice. Use this to devastating effect to create a book that attracts buzz and positions you as an instant authority.

  • Boost Your Business Success

    A book can be used to solve many marketing challenges from generating leads, building credibility and providing publicity opportunities to converting more sales and delivering outstanding service. Knowing what you want your book to do for your business will ensure it’s a good tactical fit when it comes to business promotion.

"Exactly the kick up the backside I needed to get going and get doing stuff."

"I think they've pulled four books out of me. They've broken the whole concept of writing a book down into baby steps."

What You Get...

The Live AUTHOR Workshop Recordings

These front-row recordings of the AUTHOR workshop (seats were £999.00+vat each) show you how to drill down into planning your book, devising the title and ensuring it's positioned to maximise your impact, influence and income. You'll also learn each step of the AUTHOR model for creating winning book ideas based on your expertise.

The 6 WRITER Private Coaching Call Recordings

These in-depth presentations walk you through your writing journey and give you the habits, encouragement and tactics you need to write like a pro and get your book written quickly, easily and brilliantly.

The Printable Workbooks

Using the printable workbook will enable you to build your book blueprint, keep track of your good ideas and plan effectively so that you really present your expertise in the best possible light. It's printable so you can re-use the process to write bestseller after bestseller.

A Printed Copy of Our Bestselling Book

We'll send you a paperback copy of our book, How To Write Your Book Without The Fuss, which will reinforce the lessons contained in this course and add in-depth insights to make your book the best it can be.

"The first two hours, I received more help about how to organise my book than any other course I've done before on how to write a book."

"I can go away now with the confidence to write a 30,000 word book that's going to generate leads and help promote me as an expert in the field."